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Become a #causeascene Community Sponsor because disruption and innovation are products of individuals who take bold steps in order to shift the collective and challenge the status quo.

Are you tired of technology leaders and organizers using inclusion and diversity as the latest marketing buzz words to garner attention, while simultaneously causing harm?

For far too long many of our technical organizations, communities, and events have been unsafe, unwelcoming, and unapologetic environments for members of marginalized groups. Thankfully, I’m reminded that success is seldom gained by asking permission.

I’m sure many of you already understand why the traditional models of tech sponsorship do not work for #causeascene and yet, like other valuable podcasts and conferences, funding is needed in order to keep moving forward. This work requires independence because the status quo doesn’t change when corporate dollars can be leveraged against the truth, which means your community support via a financial commitment is essential.

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