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Bari A. Williams

“Twitter can be a cesspool sometimes. And you have people who are constantly invoking their first amendment rights. This is not the government. You do not have first amendment rights on a private platform, sir/madam. That’s not how this works.”

Bärí A. Williams is VP of Legal, Business, and Policy Affairs at All Turtles, a startup advisor in the tech industry, and published author in the New York Times, WIRED, Fortune, and Fast Company. She is the former Head of Business Operations Management for North America at StubHub, where she was responsible for business planning and operations to manage and oversee technical internal and external metrics, product innovation, and partnerships and drive P&L results across the company. She also serves as an advisor to startups in the enterprise and e-commerce space.

Prior to StubHub, Bärí was a senior commercial attorney at Facebook supporting connectivity efforts, building drones, satellites, and lasers, and supporting the company’s supply chain. She also successfully took on the passion project of creating and implementing Facebook’s Supplier Diversity Program, launched in October 2016.

Bärí is a native and current resident of Oakland, CA. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (BA, Mass Communications), St. Mary’s College of California (MBA), the University of California, Los Angeles (MA, African-American Studies), and the University of California, Hastings College of Law (JD).

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#CodeAScene Vol. 3

I’ve decided to take you along on my coding journey by using #CodeAScene to ask for help and resources to share with the community as I work my way through “Learn Python the Hard Way”.

Here are the conversation from the week of May 10 – 16, 2019

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John Biewen

“If you’re gonna enslave folks and make sure that they can’t learn to read and write…and keep them in this undignified situation, then it’s easier to look at them and think that they are inferior. So that just perpetuates that story.”

Image of John BiewenJohn Biewen is audio program director at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University (CDS), and host and producer of the Peabody Award-nominated podcast Scene on Radio. His audio documentary work has taken him to forty American states and to Europe, Japan, and India, and has appeared on every NPR newsmagazine, This American Life, and the BBC World Service, among other outlets. He teaches audio to undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students at CDS. He is co-editor of the book, Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound.

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