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Causeascene Tech Bootcamp

Quality Education Designed to Strategically Disrupt the Predatory Bootcamp Industry for FREE

We've all heard the stories of the most vulnerable in our communities being preyed on and taken advantage of, as they seek to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to transition into technology careers.

  • The lack of quality curriculum designed with adult learning in mind
  • The lack of qualified instructors and mentors to help bridge the gap between gaining industry knowledge and gaining technology positions.
  • The intentional strategy of targeting the most marginalized with false messages of their “school’s” ability to raise them above their circumstances, while settling them with debt and no viable way to pay it off because they still lack the knowledge and skills to transition into technology roles.
  • The gaslighting and “cult” atmosphere created within these “schools” that discourages at best and punishes at worst, those individuals who question the disconnect between the sales pitch and the quality of their education

Well, we're tired of talking about how harmful the bootcamp industry is...we're now ready to take action to challenge the entire industry with a community led initiative designed with quality curricula, instruction, and the support needed to successfully transition into technology jobs in mind, with a focus on prioritizing the most vulnerable, for FREE

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