• Scale

    Operationalize Success: Process driven businesses are designed to scale and take advantage of opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage by implementing processes into their system that work and that can be changed quickly.

  • Evolve

    Leverage Knowledge: Success in today’s knowledge economy requires that all team members understand how every decision impacts business leaders ability to innovate, differentiate, and gain competitive advantage.

  • Recover

    Manage Risk: When operationalizing and evaluating values becomes part of a team’s culture, then they improve their ability to craft their narrative and they are better positioned to address any missteps that may happen before they’ve had a chance to damage the business’s reputation in the marketplace.

Areas of Impact

  • Become A Learning Organization

    “Business and other human endeavors are also systems. They, too, are bound by invisible fabrics of interrelated actions, which often take years to fully play out their effects on each other. Since we are part of that lacework ourselves, it’s doubly hard to see the whole pattern of change. Instead, we tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of the system, and wonder why our deepest problems never seem to get solved.” The Fifth Element, P. Senge.

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  • Communicate Your Values

    Inclusion and diversity must be a part of the DNA of every organization seeking success in the Information economy. It’s one thing to state what your organizational culture and core values are and quite another to ensure that all stakeholders understand and align their behavior accordingly.

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  • Become Process Driven

    All too often, businesses fail or can’t scale because their leaders don’t understand that growth requires processes that enable innovation and competitive advantage. The ability of organizational leaders to successfully create and manage business operations relies heavily on how well they are at developing these necessary processes.

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  • Recruit and Retain For Inclusion

    In the Industrial Age the value was put on what one could do. In the Information Age value is placed on knowledge acquisition. We are no longer making widgets but we still hire as if we are. We need to hire for the ability to turn information into knowledge.

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Because My “WHY” Is Stronger Than Your Excuses — Part 1

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Originally posted on August 19, 2018 I will begin this post as I begin each talk, with a list of my credentials because there’s always somebody who needs to see this to understand that I am not an “angry black women”, but rather an informed one. As I sat back, over the past few weeks, […]

Why Alabama Is Not A Victory For Black Women

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  As someone who has championed the need for uncomfortable conversations about inclusion and diversity in tech, I am still trying to process my thoughts and I must say that I’m feeling some kind of way about this. Black women have been the backbone of this nation since slavery, with absolutely no recognition or respect […]

I Don’t Do Non-Technical Talks

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We will never change how tech does business until we change how we redefine technical. I have completed many CFPs over the past year and a half and it is only recently, as I dive deeper into the issues of inclusion and diversity in tech, that I now question a very specific part of the […]

And the Winner is…Processes Over Products AND Services

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There are many reasons that businesses succeed or fail but in an Information Age economy, one looms bright. The reason organizations like Amazon and Walmart are so successful is how their leaders have built their businesses. These leaders value processes over products or services, which is a completely different approach than most businesses, particularly startups. […]

Let’s Stop Putting Out 🔥 By Building Better Businesses

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Yes, I’m known for working on issues of inclusion, diversity, and safe spaces in tech but let’s be honest, this work is reactionary. It focuses on the effect and rarely the cause, which is that these issues and others that do damage to a business’s reputation and bottomline, are symptoms of systemic failures. All too […]

My Inclusion and Diversity In Tech Manifesto — How Bad Does It Have To Get?

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I have spent the last year and a half, traveling the world talking to groups of various sizes about the need for improving the health of our technology cultures and communities. I’ve talked about the need for and strategies for mentoring. I’ve encouraged individuals from underrepresented groups to share their stories. I’ve given 100s of […]

How To Leverage Organizational Culture For Competitive Advantage

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Organizational culture is often an under-appreciated and mismanaged organizational asset. Culture can be defined as how individuals within a bounded system, usually an organization, supply chain or affinity group, interact with each other. Community is how well those bounded systems i.e. cultures, come together to create unbounded systems.   Organizational culture is not something that should be addressed “once […]

Tech…The Model For Safe Spaces For All?

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My friend Gregor recently posted: Here’s his response when I asked him to explain: I AGREE COMPLETELY! It’s not hard today to find conflict, disharmony, and blatant disrespect. Actually, it often feels like it’s EVERYWHERE but it needn’t be. Tech, if for no other reason than economic, is beginning to understand that diversity and inclusion matters for […]

How to push past the trolls and get the help you need on Stack Overflow

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When you’re new to coding, Stack Overflow can be a scary place. It’s an amazing resource for newbies. But it’s also a place where bullies troll for new victims. With the hundreds of thousands of unfilled programming jobs out there, and the need for more diversity in the field, you’d think that experienced programmers would be […]

“Hidden Figures” Was Great…Now What?

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I knew that once this film was made available to the masses that I would start receiving calls and texts from my nontechie network about not only how great it is BUT more importantly…now what? For the past two-years, my friends and family have heard little else from me outside of the need for them […]