Berlin 2019

June 8, 2019

Job / Coaching Fair

10:00 - 16:00

June 3, 2019



ThoughtWorks Berlin

Zimmerstraße 23, 1. OG, 10969 Berlin, Germany


Image of Amr Abdelwahab
Image of Amr Abdelwahab

Amr Abdelwahab
Privilege as a technical debt
Do you believe political correctness and empathy are buzzwords that limit the society rather than contribute to its advancement? Do you think talking about topics like diversity quotas, privilege doesn't make much sense and you would rather spend this time talking about the latest in technology?

In this talk I would like to take the chance to try and add the missing contexts to such terms and arguments, moreover, I will try to go through various examples on how it can impact your product from a very pragmatic prospective.

About Amr Abdelwahab
An African Egyptian native who crossed continents to work with his passion in digital environments. Amr's interests span technology, tech-communities, politics and politics in tech, all enriched through various software engineering roles in Egypt, Hungary and Germany.

Image of Priyanka Naik
Image of Priyanka Naik

Priyanka Naik
Follow your gut and everything else follows you!
I come from very small town of India, where girls were not allowed to speak against men and not allowed to dream big. you get married at the age of 18 and your life is over. I was one of the lucky person who followed my gut feeling, Broke the Norm and followed my dream.

Super happy to talk about my journey and tell every girl that Hey Follow your Passion/Heart and everything else follows you !!

About Priyanka Naik
A Passionate Front-end Developer at from India with 3 years of Experience. you-tuber @CodeCouch, Building inclusive and Energetic Tech Community @CodeCouch, Excited about Public speaking and Dancing :)

Image of Vanessa Aguilar
Image of Vanessa Aguilar

Vanessa Aguilar
Lazy Allyship & why it isn’t better than nothing
Being an Ally that is truly committed to supporting marginalized folks is more than whispering supportive messages. This talk will help you identify where you’ve failed as an Ally and how you can work to do better.

About Vanessa Aguilar
Vanessa Aguilar (@veernacular) is a Mexican-American Software Developer living and working in Berlin. When she isn’t in front of her computer, she is likely reading about Botany, cooking Oaxacan food, listening to music, or doing all three at once. Through engineering, she aims to create ways to empower her community and share her love for technology.

Image of Dera Luce
Image of Dera Luce

Dera Luce
Self-Worth and the Workplace
When applying for jobs, it's easy to worry about how we measure up against other applicants. Even being employed isn't a guaranteed protection against feeling unworthy to be where you are. Self-worth is not about how you compare to other people. Self-worth is about you. In this talk, I'll remind you why you are an asset, not a liability. Then, you'll get some tips on how to let employers know as well.

About Dera Luce
Dera Luce (@DeraLuce) is a queer Nigerian-American writer and software developer in Berlin. Among her favorite things are public libraries, mass transit, and ice cream. Most of all, Dera enjoys learning about languages — both computer and human. Through writing and development, Dera aims to foster community, unite people through shared experiences, and raise awareness about inclusion and equity.

Image of Kim Crayton
Image of Kim Crayton

Kim Crayton
When Whispers Hurt
I'd personally like to see an end to whisper networks

1. Only those privileged enough to have access to them gain benefit. Anyone else remains unwarned AND at risk

2. These channels do NOT hold these individuals, events or companies accountable and harm continues

About Kim Crayton
Kim Crayton is a leader in coaching tech companies and non-profits for inclusion, operationalizing core organizational values and identifying hidden organizational barriers to inclusion. She has spoken at over 50 conferences on these issues, and has worked closely with members and leadership in the Clojure, Node.js, Python, JavaScript and Selenium communities, as well as GitHub and Mozilla. Some of her most recent engagements have included MailChimp, Sinnerschrader, Ableton, Selenium Open Source Project, Unplug Studios, and

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