Berlin 2019

Solve Your Hiring Deficiencies with Inclusion & Diversity

All tech companies are hiring and all tech companies struggle to find the right talent. One of your options to increase your hiring pool is by proactively developing and maintaining an inclusive and diverse culture. But how to get started? Well, you are not alone.

Kim Crayton is a leader in mentoring companies and non-profits for inclusion, operationalizing core organizational values and identifying hidden organizational barriers to inclusion. She has spoken at over 50 conferences on these issues, and has worked closely with members and leadership in the Clojure, Node.js, Python, JavaScript and Selenium communities, as well as GitHub and Mozilla. Some of her most recent engagements have included MailChimp, Sinnerschrader, Ableton, Selenium Open Source Project, Unplug Studios, and

Berlin 2019 Consulting Offer

Kim will be in Berlin June 3rd – 7th. This provides local companies with a unique opportunity to get some important perspectives on parts of her “Inclusion: A Business Imperative for a Knowledge-Based Economy” curriculum. Do not miss this opportunity!

Unintended Consequences: How to Reduce Exclusionary Practices In Our Organizations and Communities

Lunch Talk (30mins)

You know what they say about good intentions: getting back on track when inclusion and diversity efforts derail

The cause of many problems lay in the very well-intentioned policies designed to alleviate them. —  P. Senge, The Fifth Element.

Kim will advise you organization on developing a macro-to-micro business operations approach; address common problems and truths that often lead to exclusionary missteps.

Inclusion Q&A (1hr)

Kim will answer your organization’s specific questions, challenges, and concerns related to creating an inclusive experience for all 4 organizational and community stakeholders:

  • Those who work for you;
  • Those who partner with you;
  • Those who buy from you;
  • Those who invest in you.

Workshop (3hrs)

In this workshop, Kim will facilitate a conversation and guide organizational decision makers in identifying and creating strategies to repair or replace unintentional barriers to their products, services, and organizational culture.

Contact Kim Crayton for general questions or for executive and business strategy that unlocks hidden potential for scaling, evolving, and recovering.