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Does that mean that there are certain people will be weeded out? Yes. Is that the objective? Abso-fuckin’-lutely. That’s the idea. There are certain people who honestly do not deserve a platform.”

Adrian C. Jackson is a Houston-based computer scientist specializing in mobile, web, & full-stack enterprise application development since 2004.
His tech startup, Amplifyed, LLC — home to his social application, Speekin’, to rival the likes of Twitter & Facebook — aims to provide agency, equity, and a digital safe space for marginalized & oppressed groups (with a heavy emphasis on bolstering the presence & power of Black Women), free from the disruption of hate groups, trolls, and bots prevalent on white-ran media sites.
The secondary goal is to inject more ethical practices of user data acquisition & utilization into a predominately white-ran tech industry with a laissez faire attitude towards users’ data concerns.
Operating as a one-man development team since October 1, 2017, Mr. Jackson is now preparing to welcome and seek the assistance of Black-backed venture capitalists & investors, in order to bring on board more talented BIPoC tech professionals to help in the expansion of Speekin’ and her siblings under the Amplifyed, LLC umbrella.

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Adrian C. Jackson

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