Chelsea Higgs Wise

Chelsea Higgs Wise is a clinical social worker and intercultural communicator who specializes in connecting underserved and misrepresented communities with policymakers to advocate against racism and misogyny. Chelsea is a proud Virginia graduate as she earned her Bachelor’s of Social Work from Longwood University and her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Chelsea is an experienced event moderator and offers facilitated dialogue services for topics around race, history and feminism. As an activist who helps evolve narratives and policies, Chelsea has been an instrumental voice in numerous campaigns and was recently brought on as Narrative Change Officer to the Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation Enterprise granted by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and implemented by Initiatives of Change, USA.

She’s a regular contributor to RVA Magazine in political and artistic commentary and co-hosts a radio show, Women and Politics on WRIR LP 97.3 FM. Within the past year, Chelsea has been appointed to serve the City of Richmond, Virginia through the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Board of Directors and the Richmond City Social Services Advisory Board. Chelsea values genuine connection, authentic relationships, and meaningful impact. She is fueled daily by her village of family, friends, and especially her young daughter, Chloe.

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