Coraline Ada Ehmke

“You can’t tell someone who is constantly under political attack that they can’t lash out at political opponents. When that’s your life, you cannot censor someone from seeking justice.”  

Image of Coraline Ada EhmkeCoraline Ada Ehmke is an international speaker, writer, and developer with over 20 years of experience in software engineering. She was recognized for her work on diversity in open source with a Ruby Hero award in 2016. Coraline is the creator of the Contributor Covenant, the most popular open source code of conduct in the world with over 40,000 adoptions. She is a founding panelist on the Greater than Code podcast. Coraline is co-authoring a book on practicing empathy in software development, and writes and records music in her home studio. Find her on Twitter at @CoralineAda or on the web at

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