Dan Hassan

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“I’m kind of now always uncomfortable, but I’m okay…I’m not comfortable with being uncomfortable, but it’s more like I don’t resist it”

Dan Hassan (he/him), ethical solarpunk hacker, white-passing descendent of indenture :: founder of blockades.org http://blockades.org  An opensource hacker with solarpunk tendencies active in autonomous co-operatives, blockchain research/development & big (enough) data analytics.

Currently building dark crystal, a fun decent(ralised) peer-to-peer utility for securing secrets with friends in cypherspace and an antidote for alienation.

A member of dyne.org ] think &do tank, a non-profit foundation with more than 15 years of expertise in social and technical innovation

“blockades are a very common and ancient method for people to intervene directly in an injustice occurring.” —Fitzroy Legal Service

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