Danielle Smith

“What we did to help get stuff done is to change the conversation from it being a legal compliance to being an equality conversation. We want to make sure that you consider the spectrum of humanity when you build digital tools.”

Image of Danielle SmithDanielle is a trained social scientist that has spent the past 15+ years working to make it all easier to use. She has worked in technology design research and experience design strategy at a variety of companies – NASA/Lockheed Martin, Dell, PayPal – prior to joining Express Scripts in 2016 with the intention of keeping (at least a part of) the healthcare experience grounded in humanity by building an insights function. Her academic training as an Industrial/Organizational psychologist, extends her perspective on “easier to use” beyond the technology that these corporations provide to include the experience of working within them. Over her professional experience, she has seen how well teams that are diverse in their human and professional backgrounds can work together to build great things. Danielle is a passionate technologist that believes in the potential of invention to improve society and radical inclusivity is a core part of that belief.

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