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David Golumbia

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“I get to teach some students who are closer to the engineering side of things and over the years I’ve certainly taught quite a few of them. And when they talk about that they want to improve the world and make things better and you look at the kinds of education they have and the social background they’ve had, these are people who have no clue what goes on in the world. They have their own Fox News projection of the world that is highly racialized and in some cases they don’t even know how little they know.”

David Golumbia is Associate Professor of Digital Studies in the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is the author of The Cultural Logic of Computation (2009), The Politics of Bitcoin: Software as Right-Wing Extremism (2016), and is currently working on Cyberlibertarianiasm: The False Promise of Digital Freedom.

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David Golumbia

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