Dr. Ainissa Ramirez

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“You will feel more comfortable to make decisions about Siri and Alexa and driverless cars…I wonder how AI is changing us and also feel empowered to ask questions, because right now everybody’s just…too afraid and It’s not their fault. Technology was pushed at us, that it’s the holy grail and you should worship it.”

Ainissa Ramirez, Ph.D. is a materials scientist and science communicator who is passionate about getting the general public excited about science. A Brown and Stanford graduate, she has worked as a research scientist at Bell Labs and held academic positions at Yale University and MIT. Ramirez has written for Forbes, Time, Science and Scientific American, and has explained science headlines on CBS, CNN, NPR and on PBS’s SciTech Now. She speaks internationally on the topics of science and technology and gave a TED talk on the importance of STEM education. Her book The Alchemy of Us (MIT Press) uncovers how tech shaped us.

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Dr. Ainissa Ramirez

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