Dr. Eleanor Seaton

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“If you step into my classroom, that’s gonna be the help you get. You can come into my classroom it’s my space, I determine the rules, I determine what we’re gonna talk about and that’s what I tell ‘em on the first day: if you can’t handle this conversation, god bless you.”

Eleanor K. Seaton is an Associate Professor in the Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University.  Dr. Seaton is a developmental psychologist using quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods to examine the impact of racism on Black youth’s mental health and development. 

Dr. Seaton recently co-edited a special section on context and ethnic-racial identity in Child Development. Dr. Seaton served as an associate editor for Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, and serves on the editorial boards of Developmental Psychology and Child Development. Dr. Seaton is the former chair of SRCD’s Ethnic and Racial Issues Committee and the former chair of SRA’s Diversity and Equity Committee. Dr. Seaton has a tendency to journal, travel, bake desserts, shop, read, watch movies and dance to Chicago style house music when relaxing


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Dr. Eleanor Seaton

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