Dr. Kate Miltner

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“A lot of these schools don’t even have instructors, right. A lot them are project-based…it’s just like, ya know, figure it out by yourself.”

Dr. Kate M. Miltner is a TRAIN@Ed Postdoctoral Fellow at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh. She received her PhD from the Annenberg School for Communication and
Journalism at the University of Southern California, and she has a MSc in Media and Communications (Merit) from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in English from Barnard College, Columbia University. 

She has had research appointments in the Research department at Twitter and the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research New England. Her research agenda focuses on the intersection of technology, social location, and structural power and her research has previously been featured in Wired, Slate, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Time, and the BBC.

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Dr. Kate Miltner

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