Emily Gorcenski

“We need to be able to talk about violence against the trans community because there is an immense amount of violence against the trans people, even white trans people. We need to be able to talk about that while also not co-opting the very specific type of violence that happens against Black trans women.”

Image of Emily GorcenskiEmily is a data scientist, researcher, and activist from Charlottesville, Virginia. She’s used her research and data skills to track far-right violence to push for accountability and social justice after the neo-Nazi riots in 2017. As a technologist, she believes in good technological citizenship, and is aware of the privileges and responsibilities that her position affords her. She sits on the advisory board of two university-based extremist research projects and runs First Vigil, a site tracking court cases related to far-right incidents in the United States. For these efforts, she was named to the 2018 Bitch 50 as one of the 50 most influential feminists of the year.