Emily Kaminsky

Image of Emily KaminskyEmily Kaminsky is a white-bread, mid-life, mid-career, cishet, married mom of three living in Massachusetts. She grew up in Maryland and spent time working in international development in the former Soviet Union and living in Vermont working in microenterprise finance. Now in Massachusetts, she works for a community development financial institution; there, she is a member of our racial equity working group and organize book groups on social justice topics that often focus on race. Outside of work, her passions range from environmental issues to human rights concerns. Emily runs a local litter-busting chapter of Keep Massachusetts Beautiful, am the chair of the school PTO, participate in immigrant protection/rights organization actions with the Cosecha Movement, and support community-led permaculture and youth development efforts in Kenya. Currently, she is diving deep into herself, trying to discover where she fits in this world; part of that work includes discovering what it means to be white while working for social justice. Aligning her values with her actions as a privileged white person is near impossible. At every turn, she finds myself complicit in one injustice or another. She found my work and #causeascene recently as part of her journey.
Here are a few resources that she turned to on the subject of whiteness, privilege and history.


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