Greg Greenlee

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“You’re not gonna solve diversity on your own internally, you need organizations that are on the ground floor of this. Like, I’m personally invested in what we do as an organization.”

Greg Greenlee is the Founder of the Blacks In Technology organization. He works as a Systems and Network Engineer and has spent over 15 years in the Information Technology field. His experience includes networking, IT security, systems administration, virtualization/cloud computing, and storage administration. He has obtained several industry recognized certifications including his CCNA Security certification, as well his degree in Computer Network Engineering. His love for technology is only surpassed by his desire to create change within the black community with regards to technology. This is why Greg founded the Blacks In Technology organization. His ultimate vision is to create an online technology hub where knowledge and experiences can be shared, news and information can be obtained, relationships can be forged, and a community can grow.

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