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How To Be An Antiracist – A Strategy [Rebroadcast]

Podcast Description

Things to remember about engaging as a #causeascene community member:

  • There’s no “I’m not racist.” There’s ONLY racist and antiracist.
  • An antiracist strategy isn’t about equality, it’s about equity. It is about actually discrimination against the interests of the privileged, in favor of prioritizing the most vulnerable
  • I’m not here to rehabilitate or change anyone’s mind. I want them gone because they’re taking up space and resources.
  • Friends who are 1 to 2 degrees away from individuals who actively, intentionally, and strategically cause harm, which makes you unsafe to the most vulnerable

Dueling Consciousness:

  • Segregationist: One who is expressing the racist idea that a permanently inferior racial group can never be developed and is supporting policy that segregates away that racial group.
  • Assimilationist: One who is expressing the racist idea that a racial group is culturally or behaviorally inferior and is supporting cultural or behavioral enrichment programs to develop that racial group.
  • Antiracist: One who is expressing the idea that racial groups are equals and none needs developing, and is supporting policy that reduces racial inequality.

Additional Resources


  • Take some time to think about the things related to race that make you uncomfortable. Write them down and begin to better understand how they create barriers for you on your antiracist journey
  • Find someone in the community who is doing the work of antiracism and commit to finding out what kind of support they need and PROVIDE it
  • Sign up for The Alliance at @causeasceneALL

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How To Be An Antiracist - A Strategy

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