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How to Be An Antiracist Ep. 12

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Class Racist: One who is racializing the classes, supporting policies of racial capitalism against those race-classes, and justifying them by racist ideas about those race classes.

Antiracist Anticapitalist: One who is opposing racial capitalism. 


  1. Page 152: Make a list of as many policies, you can think of or find, that function at the intersection of class racism.
  2. Page 154: Which politicians, globally, within the past 5 years have taken stances and promoted policies that are rooted in class racism? What are those policies, who benefited, and who do they negatively impact?
  3. Page 159: Do some research on China’s detention camps and their current treatment of Muslim minority groups i.e. Muslim reeducation camps.
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How to Be An Antiracist Ep. 12

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