How to Be An Antiracist Ep. 13

Podcast Description


Space Racism: A powerful collection of racist policies that lead to resource inequity between racialized spaces or the elimination of certain racialized spaces, which are substatiated by racist ideas about racialized spaces.

Space Antiracism: A powerful collection of antiracist policies that lead to racial equity between integrated and protected racialized spaces, which are substantiated by antiracist ideas about racialized spaces.


  1. Page 167: What racial bias do you have or had that were supported by “objective” data [quantitative] that you no longer hold or are currently questioning due to “subjective” data [qualitative/the lived experiences of others].
  2. Page 175: Identify circumstances within your own community where “separate but equal covers up the segregationist policies that divert resources towards exclusively white spaces.”
  3. Page 179: during the next week, honestly assess how many non-whites you engage with and what roles do they play in your life.

How to Be An Antiracist Ep. 13

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