How to Be An Antiracist Ep. 8

Podcast Description


Behavioral Racist: One who is making individuals responsible for the perceived behavior of racial groups and making racial groups responsible for the behavior on individuals.

Behavioral Antiracist: One who is making racial group behavior fictional and individual behavior real.



  1. Page 94: Evaluate the current list of political candidates [local, national, and international] to determine which ones are running on a behavioral racist agenda, hold behavioral racist beliefs, or promoting behavioral racist policy.
  2. Page 101: How does manifestations of the “attribution effect” show themselves within tech? Within your organizations? Your communities? Yourself?
  3. Page 103: After reading this paragraph, has this information challenged the value you place on standardize testing for yourself or your children? If so, how?
  4. Page 104: Based on how often MLK is misquoted and used to justify the pacification of the voices of the most vulnerable and the comfort of the privileged, write a speech using the prompt, “What would be Dr. King’s message for the millennium?”

How to Be An Antiracist Ep. 8

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