Juliana Gomez

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“It happens In a lot of 3rd world developing countries that we’re doing the same work as an American engineer or a Canadian engineer and we get paid way less…For example, a lot of my friends work for US clients…the companies who build this product are paying US dollars to build this product and then we get paid a fraction of it.”

Juliana is a Colombian-Canadian software engineer living in Colombia. She’s currently focusing on JavaScript, accessibility and community building. One of the leaders of Pioneras Developers, Medellin’s largest community for womxn in tech, and an organizer of JSConf Colombia, Juliana believes that the key to happiness is that feeling of belonging that you get from getting involved. As an advocate for web accessibility, Juliana believes the web has incredible potential to be the great equalizer – she dreams of a web where everyone can contribute and participate.

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