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A perfect example of this is like a white woman calling the cops on Black men. It is like a fucking prime example of…and at that point maybe they do know they have privilege. But either way they know that they can manipulate the system to get a desired outcome and it is based on what?…The person’s race. Right? Like so, you’re not putting the words to it. Maybe you don’t want to, but I mean at this day and age like how can you not hear the word privilege? Like we’re in 2021, but still…Even if…even if you are completely, in fact, ignorant to privilege you are still aware that you’re manipulating a system.

Kurt Kemple is a technical writer, speaker, and software developer living in Virginia Beach, VA. He’s very passionate about the intersection of technology and incarceration and co-host of Fullstack Health, a podcast about the intersection of technology and health. Currently, he works for Apollo Graph Inc, as a Developer Relations Manager. When not working he can be found by the ocean or relaxing with his family

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Kurt Kemple

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