Lian Li

Podcast Description

“Oh I can’t even make jokes anymore or I can’t be myself anymore.” – like yeah, if that’s how you are then you should not be yourself. You can be that way…and I don’t care if I’m not around, I don’t care. But yeah that’s what a code of conduct means: you have to behave in a professional way.”

Lian Li always wanted to save the world. 

After a failed attempt at becoming a lawyer, she decided to do something with computers instead. Working as a Fullstack Software Engineer, she got into attending tech events and giving talks on Machine Learning. During this time, she discovered her passion for building community and providing a safe and productive environment for all, which led to her co-organising the community conference ServerlessDays Amsterdam.
Currently, Lian lives in Amsterdam and works as Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions, a consultancy focused on programmable infrastructure.

Lian Li

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