Marisa Catalina Casey

“If we’re not going to make progress in our matriarchal organizations, then we’re just as oppressive as our patriarchal organizations.”


Image of Marisa Catalina CaseyMarisa Catalina Casey is an artist, educator and social entrepreneur. Prior to serving in Ecuador for two years as an Education and Business Advising Volunteer with the Peace Corps, she founded the Brooklyn-based nonprofit arts organization, Starting Artists, Inc. (SA). SA served hundreds of youth in New York City over the 5 years of Marisa’s leadership, inspiring and educating 10-19 year olds through hands-on training in the media arts and entrepreneurship.

Marisa obtained her BA from Brown University and her MA from Columbia University and has held positions at the Hearst Foundations, CARE, Alliance for Children Foundation, Teen Ink, APERTURE, The Nature Conservancy, and Girl Develop It. In addition, she led the Communications Team for Mindy Domb’s successful Massachusetts State Representative campaign and serves as a volunteer grant reviewer for the Pollination Project on the International Economic Development panel.

Marisa co-authored the book, Born in our Hearts, with her adoptive mother, with all proceeds donated to international orphanages, including her own in Bogotá, Colombia. She has served as a board member of the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Council and founding board member of Emerging Leaders of New York Arts. Marisa has been chosen to participate in several leadership programs including the International Youth Foundation Global Fellowship, American Express Nonprofit Leadership Institute, Lucca Leadership Foundations Program in South Africa, and the British Council’s Transatlantic Network 2020 bringing young leaders from Europe and North America together to address social issues.

Currently, she lives with her husband, their daughter, and a turtle in Western Massachusetts where they can be seen on outings in their avocado green 1978 VW Camper Van. See more of her work at:

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