Melanie Crutchfield

Image of melanie crutchfield

Melanie is an obsessive learner. She drinks far too much coffee. She thinks being creative is about the best thing you can do with your time, which is why she does what she does.

Melanie has a background in Fine Art Photographic Printing, and she’s had the pleasure of collaborating with some off-the-charts talented photographers. Creative teamwork: it’s awesome.

She loves Python and Django, with special emphasis on the amazing people she’s been lucky enough to meet through her pursuit of learning. Super sparkles.

Recently Melanie developed, coded, and launched FiveUp, a service that sends you random happy texts throughout your day.
Creativity + happiness = win.

Melanie believes in hope, kindness, Ben and Jerry’s Salted Carmel Core ice cream, and spunk. And you.


All music for the #causeascene podcast is composed and produced by Chaos, Chao Pack, and Listen on SoundCloud