Rebecca Conley

“Everything in tech is incremental, whether you’re building an app, you’re doing agile, you’re starting with something. You’re starting with an MVP and you’re incrementing on that. If you take that approach to learning you get away from this gatekeeper idea of you’ve got “it” or you don’t have “it”… you start where you’re at and then with every student you increment on that and you build a little bit each day.”

Image of Rebecca Conley Rebecca Conley made the career switch from education to software development in 2014 by attending the first immersive code academy in her hometown of Durham, NC. Since then, she has worked as a Django developer, served on the Board of Directors of the Django Software Foundation, and spoken at Python and Django conferences across the U.S., Europe, and Africa. Rebecca holds Master’s degrees in Education and Business, and is passionate about the intersection of education and entrepreneurship in empowering people and promoting social change. She is happy to be back to her roots as an educator, helping Momentum students launch promising new career paths. Rebecca is a tap dancer and teaches dance in Durham as well. Her biggest joy as an educator is helping students find their own strengths and tools for success.

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