Saber Khan

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“I got a stat that will blow you away. At CUNY which is the City University of New York and their CS program, the majority of CS undergrads at CUNY don’t have their own computer.”

Saber Khan is a Bengali-American educator based in New York City. He is a veteran K12 educator with over 15 years of experience teaching math, science, and computer science in public and private middle and high schools. Currently, he teaches multiple introductory and advanced computer science classes in creative coding and web development. And he organizes events and spaces for educators to engage with code, ethics, and equity. He loves email.

Additional Resources

  • – the home of #ethicalCS. The chat happen monthly on the last wednesday of every month at 8 pm ET. Join us on April 29 for a conversation on tech, Covid-19, and ethics.
  • – a set of free and inclusive creative coding events I organize in LA, SF, and NYC
  • – Processing Foundation is a non-profit dedicates to free and open source software for creative coding and access to computing


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Saber Khan

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