Sacha Judd

“I feel that tech is capable of change. It’s still a relatively young sector. The young men who built this industry…tended to be people who themselves were not treated that well at high school. Ya know, nerds shall inherit the Earth. When you point out to some of them that they are now oppressing other marginalized groups, most of them are horrified at that idea. They want to be better. They want to change.”

Image of Sacha JuddSacha Judd runs the Hoku Group, a family office combining private investments, early-stage tech ventures and a non-profit foundation. She is the co-host of Refactor (a series of events around diversity in technology), and Flounders’ Club (a network for early-stage company founders). She also spends a confusing amount of time explaining why Harry Styles might be the answer to everything.

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