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Sage Sharp

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“I took an electronics class and there was a particular class of problems where they said: this is not the right formula to use, but we use it because it’s easy to understand. It’s like searching where the light’s good. So, we know specific things about diversity and inclusion that make sense and we keep going back to those things. But those aren’t necessarily the things that are going to solve the bigger problem. If we keep searching where the light is good, if we keep searching where we feel comfortable, then we’re never gonna find the right answer.”

Sage Sharp is the founder of Otter Tech, which provides diversity and inclusion consulting. They provide training and advice around Code of Conduct enforcement. They are also a co-coordinator for Outreachy. Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program that pairs open source mentors with people from under-represented groups in tech. Sage has over 10 years experience in open source, and is the author of the Linux kernel USB 3.0 driver.

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Sage Sharp

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