Tech’s Attack On Black Women Part 1

Some of you may be aware of the calls to #ListenToBlackWomen, #AffirmBlackWomen, #VoteLikeBlackWomen, #SupportBlackWomen, etc because we are, as I so often put it, “The moral compass of this country [U.S.]”. We are the one group who has consistently been sounding the warning bells about the “radical” changes WHITENESS is just becoming aware off and due to our proximity to POWER and OPPRESSION, we have unique perspectives on solutions and technology has enabled us to amplify our messages like never before. 

Although all of this is true, what is also true is that Black Women and our voices are under attack. Technology has created a quiet storm [not so quiet anymore] of opportunities for Black Women to be targeted, harassed, doxed, and silenced. Our “voices” have been copied by bots and WHITENESS and is being used as a strategy against us and those who look to us for guidance. 

In this episode of the #causeascene Podcast, my guests and I, Shireen Mitchell and Asher, discuss how tech and tech leaders are failing Black Women and due to lack of perspective, and let’s face it, any genuine interest, are facilitating the attacks on the voices of Black Women. 

image of Shireen MitchellShireen is an Internet pioneer and serial founder who was born and raised in the projects of New York City, playing video games before they could be played on televisions and designing BBS boards and gopher sites prior to the Web going world wide. 



Asher Twitter Profile PictureAsher has been in the femslash fandom world for about twenty years. She watched fandom go from being the only places where she could see relationships like her own that weren’t sad, tragic or terrible to being organized, vocal, effective advocates for better representation of marginalized groups in media. It’s not just fanfiction and fanart anymore. It’s fanfiction, fanart, pop culture analysis AND social justice. Who knew?! She has a boring job involving mucking about with databases. The saga of , the most beautiful ship to ever have been squandered by soulless hacks is far more interesting. Fandom, if you’re not into it, is a vast undiscovered country of awesome weirdness, brilliant authors, breathtaking art and free novel-length works of fiction ranging from Holy Sh*t good to My Immortal. Google My Immortal +fanfic, trust me, just google it.


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