Tech’s Attack On Black Women Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my conversation with @ashermaj & @digitalsista  and our discussion about the ways technology is being used to target, harass & silence Black Women on and offline.

“When [we] started explicitly talking about the racist narratives and started explicitly talking about what was happening to us, not just in context of watching the show, but our accounts being hacked and people being doxed. You had people who are like: ‘Why can’t you just shut up and enjoy it?’ In one season it was assault, and in the next season it’s “oh he’s my boyfriend” – so I have been attacked, doxed and hacked and yet you’re expecting me to be your boyfriend. Why can’t we all just get along.” @ashermaj

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Asher has been in the femslash fandom world for about twenty years. She watched fandom go from being the only places where she could see relationships like her own that weren’t sad, tragic or terrible to being organized, vocal, effective advocates for better representation of marginalized groups in media. It’s not just fanfiction and fanart anymore. It’s fanfiction, fanart, pop culture analysis AND social justice. Who knew?! She has a boring job involving mucking about with databases. The saga of , the most beautiful ship to ever have been squandered by soulless hacks is far more interesting. Fandom, if you’re not into it, is a vast undiscovered country of awesome weirdness, brilliant authors, breathtaking art and free novel-length works of fiction ranging from Holy Sh*t good to My Immortal. Google My Immortal +fanfic, trust me, just google it.

image of Shireen MitchellShireen is an Internet pioneer and serial founder who was born and raised in the projects of New York City, playing video games before they could be played on televisions and designing BBS boards and gopher sites prior to the Web going world wide. 



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